New Release - Wild about Harry by Susanne Bellamy

Hello and welcome Susanne Bellamy! 

Today is indeed and exciting day because we are all “Wild about Harry,” your new release!

Tell us about what spurred the idea for your story.   

I worked in Cloncurry years ago and spent weekends getting to know the area. We visited places such as Mary Kathleen (sadly the mine had closed by that time) the field of crosses, Quamby, a dam where I attempted to learn to waterski, and much more. I learned to play netball (badly), took part in a fashion show, learned to drive a monster pick up truck, and was a member of CATS, the Cloncurry Amateur Theatrical Society. We put on several theatre restaurant/reviews and a play. On one memorable occasion, we took our show ‘on the road’ down to Kynuna … in the back of a cattle truck! It had been power-cleaned, and sported a canvas ‘roof’, with an armchair, beanbag, eskies, and lots of enthusiastic ‘players’. We stayed at the Blue Heeler pub, quintessential Outback accommodation.

The thing about living so far west was that there were so many opportunities to do different, fun things. We made our own fun, and enjoyed life. Harry, the protagonist of my next book, has forgotten how to enjoy life, but Bri turns his life upside down. In doing so, she also learns a lot about herself, and discovers what a wonderful place outback towns are, and comes to know the warmth and welcoming nature of people in the west.

Wild About Harry is book 5 in my series, Hearts of the Outback. Set in and around Mt Isa, the books are linked by location, and characters from each book pop up in other books, although each story is complete in itself. I love meeting familiar characters again, especially when I’ve previously enjoyed their company, and this group of characters have ties that bind, family and friends. I hope you enjoy them too.


Wild About Harry


Trying to be both father and mother to his young daughter, Harry Douglas has no interest in a new relationship. If he had known that helping Briony Middleton on a lonely Outback road would put his closely guarded secret at risk, he wouldn’t have played the white knight.

Bri has no time for relationships; her focus is on avenging her grandfather’s ill-treatment at the hands of a big mining company by gathering photographic evidence of wrongdoing and stopping a proposed super mine.

But as fate and Harry’s daughter keep throwing them together, what will Bri do when she discovers Harry’s secrets?



If you want to find out more about Susanne and her awesome books you can find her here


7 Minutes with an Author


So glad you could pop in and share a little about yourself and your writing.  

1. What is the theme of your new release?

Trust is integral to relationships and has to be earned. In Long Way Home (Hearts of the Outback bk 3), Sarah Tait will neither trust nor forgive Detective Caleb Richards. The first time they met he slapped handcuffs on her and now, he’s asking for her help to find a kidnapped thoroughbred stallion. But sometimes it’s easier to trust when you dislike a person because there are no rose coloured glasses to distort the picture. (Sounds like fun. Looking forward to this one.)

2. What was/is one of the hardest things about writing your current release?  (Did you or do you want to throw it into the fire like frodo?)

I needed to do quite a lot of research on horses, endurance riding, and plants of the outback. While I rode a few times as a teenager, I’m not a rider but I was fortunate to connect with Sandy Vaile, whose help with the equine elements was wonderful. The tricky part was to use her information and make it sound realistic. I actually enjoy research because I love to learn. (Same here Susanne. I love research.) 

3. Because everyone always wants to know. Are you a panster or plotter?

I’m an organic writer. Each story begins with seeing a ‘meeting’ between the protagonists followed by asking questions to get to know them and what they are doing in that place. The story grows as I get to know the characters and see them interacting with one another. I wish I could plot more than a brief outline, but after ten or so stories, I realise that I have to do what works for me. A story ‘grows’ in its own way and reveals itself when it’s ready. (I like the term ‘organic.’) 

4. How important are reviews to you? Do you get upset when they aren’t favourable? (Like stalk the reviewer and wish they get infested with a thousand fleas.)  

No writer likes to read bad reviews that offer nothing by way of constructive criticism. That said, I try not to pay too much attention to negative statements, although it’s brilliant when a reviewer absolutely ‘gets’ my story. Those reviews, I read again, just to remind myself that real people actually enjoy my book babies. 

5. How do you market your books? (Stand at the top of a building and shout buy my book?) Any events you want the reader to know about e.g. Coming appearances or signing?

I use social media, FB and Twitter, and my infrequent newsletter to let readers know. Friends and fellow authors often share these posts for me, which is greatly appreciated. My experience with blog tours is that they can be fun, but not to expect too much from them. 

6. Social Media – Love it or hate it? Where do you hang out the most?  Any tips to share? 

By nature I’m more of an introvert. I’m also a technogumby so you could say I have a love/hate relationship with electronic devices and the Web. Best tip: deal with people as you would like to be dealt with; and keep your posts positive! 

7. What is your favourite motivational phrase or positive saying?  

Don’t worry, be happy. To a fair degree, happiness is a choice for most of us so, as much as possible, I choose to be happy and look for the good.

As for my writing, Nelson Mandela said it best: It always seems impossible until it’s done. (Both are very good quotes and true.)

If you want to know more about Susanne, you can visit her here; 


Long Way Home 

Available 30 June. Pre-order on: Amazon


The first time they met Detective Caleb Richards snapped handcuffs on Sarah Tait and she vowed never to forgive him. But when he seeks her help to find a kidnapped thoroughbred stallion she becomes his unwilling assistant. 

Sarah sets out on a marathon endurance ride. As Caleb tags along, he realises that the horse whisperer has deeper secrets than he’d ever suspected.

Can he uncover Sarah’s secrets and win her trust? 



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